Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dear Chik-Fil-A supporters: You're arguing the wrong thing

A Facebook friend of mine liked this image the other day, and I feel compelled to comment on it, because it's peculiarly wrong-headed and shows a deep misunderstanding of the issue of gay marriage, or, really, the so-called "culture war" entirely.

Here's the problem with this image:

This isn't a free speech issue.

I like free speech. I like it a lot. I am willing to passionately defend free speech in any and every instance: the Westboro Baptist Church, the Ku Klux Klan, Ann Coulter, the North Ohio Puppy-Kicking Council, etc. I support Chik-Fil-A's freedom of speech 110%, regardless of how delicious it may or may not be. They can speak as freely as they like, and I will fight to the death for them to do so.

It's not the fact that they can speak freely that disturbs me, it's the content of that speech, because it is remarkably hateful. It's motherfucking two thousand and twelve; I shouldn't have to explain that saying "You two people can marry because your genitalia are compatible in such a way that you could theoretically produce children, although you are under no direct compulsion to do so and there is no penalty if you are unable to, but you two people cannot, because your genitalia are not compatible, and thus you will be unable to receive equal protection under the law" is a horrible thing to say, even more so when there is no logical support for such an argument. (Preemptively: arguing that your holy book, which was written over the course of centuries by hundreds of people with a variety of opinions, fallacies, and preconceptions, which has then been interpreted, reinterpreted, and misinterpreted by even more people over the course of millenia, tells you that homosexuality is wrong based on two or three passages which may or may not be interpreted as such, when there are several hundred other passages like "love thy fellow man" and "treat others as you'd be treated" and "what God has called clean, let no man call unclean," is not considered logical support.)

This isn't a free speech issue. Speak as freely as you like, Dan Cathy of Chik-Fil-A. You're just proving yourself to be an ignorant bigot and giving more rope to (metaphorically) hang yourself with.