Thursday, December 15, 2011

The delicate art of self-promotion

I'm ashamed to realize just how much stuff I've been doing that I haven't talked about. I am absolutely terrible at promoting myself, which is ironic, considering that I'm on the Internet and self-promotion is the Internet's primary export. Furthermore, I need to practice this stuff for when I have something actually important to tell you all about.

So! In reverse chronological order:

- Today, I've posted a podcast interview with Dr. Joni Bodart, author of They Suck, They Bite, They Eat, They Kill: The Psychological Meaning of Supernatural Monsters in Young Adult Fiction on The Hub, the official blog of YALSA. Basically I spend an hour talking with this really interesting woman about zombies, werewolves, and vampires, and what they all mean. Take a listen!

- Last Tuesday I was a guest on Thunk Tank, With Bronwyn and Jay, a program on the NYC station WFMU. In it, I talk about, yes, being a 'brony.' Bronwyn and Jay were both really nice, and we ended up having a good conversation about cynicism and sincerity in children's television shows. It was, as they say, a "hoot."

- Lastly, and perhaps most awesomely (and thus most embarrassing that it took me this long to post), a comic I wrote for the webcomic group Carpe Chaos went up back in—gulp—October. It's called Reinvention, and I'm pretty dang proud of it. This comic is, in fact, probably my first paid comics work ever, so why not check it out so you can say you were there at the beginning of my long and ignominious illustrious career?

There may be a few more announcement-type things popping up in the next few weeks; hopefully I'll get to them sooner than I did to this batch. Keep watching the skies! I mean, my blog!

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  1. Just read the "Reinvention" comic. It would have made a great start to a longer story arch. Will there be more? We got a lot of well crafted exposition, but no real climax. I hope to read more about Juljak soon!