Sunday, July 10, 2011

Slightly more busy than usual, yes

Two weeks ago I took a job as a children's librarian in a small town in Iowa, which meant moving to a city where I knew literally no one within several hundred miles. Currently I'm subletting an apartment from the daughter of a friend of my mother (long story) while searching for an actual apartment, trying to crank out a 2,500-word essay on one of the longest and most-adapted manga series ever written, and simultaneously looking forward to and dreading my new job, for which I have plenty of training but very little experience.

So I've been a bit distracted, you could say. Sorry to all you loyal blog readers new and old.

It's going to take me a while to resume a normal broadcasting schedule. Let me leave you with some reading material in the meantime: remember the podcast I recorded, the speech defending My Little Pony as an excellent show that no adult male should be ashamed to watch? Well, I've posted the text of that speech on my DeviantArt page, which I hardly ever use. So if you didn't want to listen to my droning voice for more than six and a half minutes, you can now read it instead!

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