Friday, April 15, 2011

Isaac & Ida, episode 6: The Death of Theory (and Derrida)

Yet another installment looking at the cartoons I produced for my college newspaper. Today's cartoon is one I'm actually fairly proud of, for a variety of reasons, and I'm pleased to share it with all of you. Please, friends: enjoy.

I got the idea of doing a comic strip over the summer after my first year, and ended up drawing several of them before school even started. (I think every strip I've shown here so far was drawn over the summer, in fact.) But this strip was drawn in response to an actual current event, obviously: the death of Jacques Derrida. Checking the dates, Derrida died on October 9, and this was published only a month later, so I must've done it in short order.

I like this one quite a bit. Doing a strip in response to an actual event, rather than an "evergreen" strip, gave me a feeling of being a real cartoonist. I even used a modified silent penultimate panel, a classic cartoonist's tool if there ever was one, to set up the punchline. I got to mock the pretensions of literary theory.

Plus, the background is (to my mind) a fairly good sketch of the Harper Quad, looking south. Unfortunately, I can't find a good image of the location right now, so you'll just have to imagine it, or (for those of you who went to UChicago) remember it.

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