Thursday, February 10, 2011

At least they thought Miles Davis was okay

Back when people still bought encyclopedia sets, Britannica used to include a 'Book of the Year' for each new edition, summing up the changes in various entries for the previous year. From the Book of the Year 1957 entry on Music, Popular:

Most of the popular songs of 1956 had little to recommend them artistically, and the best of them were either revivals from the past or imitations of tried and true materials. The Elvis Presley hysteria began with a rhythmic monstrosity called "Blue Suede Shoes" and continued through "Heartbreak Hotel" to the primitive "Hound Dog." Eventually "the Pelvis" arrived at a straightforward ballad, "Love Me Tender,' which served as the title of his first motion picture and was copied note for note from the old "Aura Lee," also known as "Army Blue" and "The Violet."

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  1. At least Wikipedia has objectivity guidelines. Damn.