Friday, December 10, 2010

Isaac & Ida, episode 5: The Clone Saga, Part 3

Time for the senses-shattering finale! Complete with astonishing twist that will blow your mind! Or at least it would if I hadn't given the twist away long ago in the title I gave to this sequence.

Yes, that's right: the University of Chicago keeps a bank of cryogenically frozen cloned "That guy"s and "That girl"s beneath the surface of the earth, thawing them out every day and placing them in classes to artificially stimulate class discussion. It's just wacky enough to be plausible!

I am honestly pretty proud of the art in this strip. Check that perspective in the first panel, or the explosion in the fifth: that's real art, right there. Plus I took the time to painstakingly copy the University seal—

—just for that one panel. Of course, I didn't bother drawing a background in the last panel, but it's so cluttered with characters and dialogue I figured nobody would notice.

I also feel good about the writing side of things. The line "This C-4 explosive should put an end to these foul parodies of life!" is still a favorite of mine. (It has the feel of a Cat and Girl line to me, for some reason.) And I finally got to end a story with the classic cliche of "Not any more, [name]...not any more!" Seriously, that's an oldie but goodie right there.

One last easter egg for you fine folks. Take a close look at the cryo tank plaques: the serial numbers all begin with TG, for "That guy" or "That girl." I'm kind of proud of that.

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