Monday, November 1, 2010

Ted has been bled

Intellectually, spiritually, and literally.

The last few weeks—since before my trip to New York City, basically—have been kind of a grueling experience, like how I imagine a marathon to be. (You'll never catch me in one of those 22-mile death-marches.) It's not that there haven't been periods of rest and relaxation in-between my various assignments, duties, responsibilities, and so forth; it's just that, taken as a whole, this time has felt pretty damn demanding.

(Which is my roundabout way of saying: if you're waiting on an email or something from me, just be patient, I'll be a little longer.)

But now, today, having given blood, I feel as though my cares and woes have been drained away along with my red blood cells. (Platelet donation took place last Saturday, the day before Halloween, during which I watched the first hour of Heat and, disappointingly, only a single nurse was dressed up as Dracula.) Longtime readers of this blog will know that blood donation is a pretty big deal for me, and this session was no exception, especially as I got my three-gallon pin. Which I imagine is somewhat like getting a chip from AA, though come to think of it, a three-gallon chip from AA would probably mean something entirely different.

Anyway. Normal broadcast schedule will now resume. This has only been a test. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact your parole officer.

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