Thursday, June 17, 2010

In which I insult an entire region of the United States

Fifteen-year-old gay blogger complains about the lack of LGBTQ lit in libraries.

I've got two reactions to this, one selfish, one not. My first reaction was, "I hope my library isn't like this." I don't actually know, because I've never made an effort to seek out and read LGBTQ lit, which I suppose I ought to. I know that my library system has an excellent reputation and is, apparently, known nationwide, but I have no clue if that reputation includes a decent list of LGBTQ stuff.

My second reaction was, "I hope he realizes that not every library is like this." I don't mean to be—regional-ist? latitude-ist?—but this kid lives in Kentucky, and I don't know how popular LGBTQ lit is going to be in that state. It sounds to me that the best possible thing this kid could do for himself is, once he's got a driver's license and some disposable income, to leave.

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