Sunday, May 9, 2010


Yes! Somehow I have survived this last semester of library school without any major brain damage or organ failure. This surprises even me.

It's not that my classes were terribly difficult, per se; it's more of a combination of A) them taking more time than I expected them to, B) various other side projects and concerns (this blog among them), and C) me being a slacker and procrastinator. I did enjoy my classes, for the most part, but it's sometimes hard to translate that enjoyment into enthusiasm for doing homework and writing papers.

In any case, I'm only taking two classes next semester, which should give me more time for, you know, non-school things. Things like making a proper website for myself, pitching more comics projects, looking for a library job, punching giraffes, reading, writing, watching television, and so forth.

(The giraffes deserve it.)

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  1. I dunno. It's hard to punch them, they are kinda sneaky.