Friday, March 12, 2010

Ted and his smaller fluid volume

Regular readers of this blog may remember my failed attempt to donate blood a couple months ago. Well, enough time has passed that I can give again, and give I did.

This time I gave platelets, which are what makes your blood clot and promotes healing of cuts and so forth. You can give platelets every three days because they regenerate so fast, but the actual donation process takes about two hours. My blood donation center has special setups for platelet donors with a computer and a DVD library—I was hoping to actually post while giving blood, but the internet wasn't working on my computer. However, I did get to watch the entirety of Tod Browning's 1932 classic Freaks and two episodes of Arrested Development season three, so it wasn't all bad.

Best of all, since you can donate platelets so often, I can go in again on Monday and donate my usual double-red-blood-cells. And triple best of all, Monday is also my birthday, so I will be showered with gifts and well-wishes from all of my gifters and well-wishers in addition to getting life-sustaining fluid sucked out through my arm. Fun fun fun!

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