Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google leaves China

So I am far from the first person you should go to for trenchant insights on the geopolitical ramifications of information providers, but still, the fact that Google is no longer going to cooperate with government censors in China and will thus probably pull out of the country entirely is probably going to have some far-reaching repercussions.

Google's been trying to promote their search engine in China for four years now, despite the heavy government censorship that was applied to their search results. I have to say, I can understand their desire to provide as much free information as possible to the people of China—although I'm sure that the potential money to be made from being the primary search engine for a country of one-point-three billion people was a pretty big draw, too. But to cooperate with censorship, even if you're providing a necessary and commendable service to a repressed people, is still cooperation with censorship. Which I am, generally, not cool with. So I have to applaud Google for finally leaving China.

We now return to your regularly scheduled program of rambling about anime and dumb crap.

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